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Kid's Beginner Martial Arts LessonsWhether you want to help your child focus better at school, be equipped to defend themselves, or simply have something to do in the afternoon or on weekends, Elite MMA provides beginner level martial arts programs for kids of all ages from 5 to 16. Regardless of their (or your) reasons for signing up, they’ll be able to learn skills and techniques from a wide range of martial arts styles in a safe, fun environment.

Why Enroll Your Child in MMA Classes?

Not only is MMA a great way for your child to learn to defend themselves and keep active, it also emphasizes focus, self-discipline, and a healthy work ethic. This means greater confidence, better grades, and an overall more positive outlook on life. Also, learning and practicing mixed martial arts is just plain fun!

Fun and Safe Learning Environment

At Elite MMA, our caring instructors provide a safe learning environment that encourages growth and mastery of the techniques taught while also emphasizing care and good exercise habits. While kids and teens of all ages are placed in the same class together, we divide the class into smaller pods to match their age and skill level. We also have the youth leaders in charge of the class in warmups, fostering leadership skills as well as helping other youths become well rounded martial artists in contributing to the whole group.

What to Expect

When your child enters one of our youth beginner classes, they’ll be led through some warmup exercises, then move on to technical instruction and application from our knowledgeable youth coaches. We ask that you send them into class with a water bottle and towel.

We also highly recommend signing up for a complimentary private session with one of our coaches. They’ll assess your child’s abilities and determine which program would be the best fit for them. To get your child started in one of our beginner programs, call us at 713-339-4662 or contact us online. We have youth programs at four locations, including Houston, Kingwood, Baytown, and Greenway/Galleria.

Not Sure Which Class To Try?
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