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Does your child dream of being a champion? Do they have some experience already with martial arts and want to hone their skills? Elite MMA offers advanced martial arts programs for youth, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self-defense, kickboxing, and wrestling, all at our four locations in and around Houston. We have training programs at HoustonBaytownGreenway/Galleria, and Kingwood.


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Your child’s craft as a martial artist isn’t only limited to the mat, but it extends to all aspects of life. Honing the techniques learned in MMA requires care, discipline, and awareness, and over the course of their advanced lessons, our students also exercise focus, control, and respect (for themselves and for others). Even as they follow their leaders, they too learn to lead themselves. 

Our advanced instruction is designed to push your child past their comfort zone and perfect the techniques they learn within group environments at our facilities. As always, we strive to create a safe learning environment where your child can maximize their skills and reach their full potential, both as a martial artist as well as in everyday life.

The higher level of training is intended to build upon the principles taught in our beginner classes, help your child expand and hone their martial arts skills to their full potential, and apply those skills creatively and effectively.


To start your child into the next level of their martial arts training, contact us by phone or through our online form. For those new to our MMA programs, we recommend signing up for one of our free private sessions. There, one of our instructors will assess your child’s level and abilities and make a recommendation on the best program for them.