Healthy Eating for Training with Robert Yamashita

Hey Elite MMA Fam,

It’s Coach Rob here from Baytown. This post is going to go over something that is one of the most talked about, but often overlooked, parts of training. Nutrition and eating for training. I will start off with saying I am not licensed or an expert in any capacity when it comes to nutrition. I’ve often had my own struggles with eating or lack thereof when it comes to training. I’m going to share my experiences and hopefully you can pick up a couple of tips or even start looking into how to set up your own habits to keep you fueled up for training.

            For most of my martial arts career I have been a competitor. I also started training heavier than I would have liked to have been. I’ve done a lot of different crash diets and quick tricks to get weight off, but it always came back because I was not consistent with my nutrition. The past couple of years I have been more focused on being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight and body image to me. For one, it allows me always to be ready to compete at my proper weight class.  Secondly, I just feel all-around better with more energy for hard training sessions with my team. Here are some of the things I focus on.

First, I drink lots of water! I mean a lot! I roughly shoot for about a gallon a day. Staying hydrated keeps your body less fatigued and more prepared for training and all the sweat you will lose. Also, having hydrated muscles lessens the occurrences of potential injuries that come with hard training. Just remember, hydrated muscles are more pliable. Dehydrated muscles rip or tear easier and take longer to repair.

Second, I focus a lot on my macro nutrients. I actually have a nutrition coach and strength coach to help with these things. Like I said, I am not anywhere near an expert and if I need help, I look for people that know more than I do. He has helped me through eating diaries and given me constant feedback to help me adjust my macros, which consistent of protein, carbs, fats and fiber. You need protein for your muscles, carbs for energy, fats for a combo of both and fiber to keep your body running smooth. If you are interested, start researching or reach out to a coach that can assist you. There is plenty of good reading out there.

Last, I give myself some leeway. With all the focus on eating, sometimes I feel guilty indulging in dessert or pizza. Now I don’t beat myself up because part of hard training is enjoying rest and time off so your body can recuperate. I don’t eat nearly as much pizza and sweets as I used to, but they are not off limits as long as I eat in moderation. Enjoy your life, you only have one!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! The Elite MMA team of coaches and our community is full of people who have been through some breakdowns. Our goal is to help lead everyone to breakthroughs in their life so they can help and inspire the next new member of our ever-growing Elite Family!

Train hard, train smart, never stop!

Coach Rob



Mixed Martial Arts Houston


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