First BJJ Test for 2021 at Elite MMA Westheimer!

February 27th, 2021 marked our very first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt test in almost a year.  Belt testing is an exciting and important part of the BJJ journey as it the time where we get to test ourselves and be with our community to acknowledge our hard work and progress.  We had a 2-hour youth BJJ test followed by a 2-hour adult BJJ test that Saturday and it was amazing!  The students who were testing brought their energy along with their friends and family.  We love and encourage guests at belt tests as it is a fun way to share your martial arts with those closest to you.

We also did something different at this test which was to allow any other student who was not testing that day to participate with the testers.  Many students who have started post-COVID had not seen a belt test and this gave them the opportunity to experience it first-hand while supporting their teammates that were testing.  Thank you to all who tested, supported, and encouraged on our first of many belt tests in 2021.


Elite MMA Coaching Staff

Mixed Martial Arts Houston


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