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What Is Fight Fit

Are you looking to change up your workout? Schedule a free private lesson today to get started with our Fight Fit classes. We offer Fight Fit classes at all four of our Houston-area locations, including Houston WestheimerHouston Greenway PlazaKingwood & Baytown. Students will be in Fight Fit Classes to get ready for upcoming tournaments. This class is a fast no thrills workout where every functional body part will be utilized to its maximum potential.


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You may be thinking that Fight Fit classes will be too hard. Everybody is a unique individual and the instructors understand this because they are students as well as instructors. They can relate to “getting back” in shape mode. Each student will be at a certain level and the instructor’s experience will help him/her to be able to push that student to their limit, but in a safe and effective manner.

Everybody has 30 minutes in their day to make a difference in the world. You can make a positive effect in your physical and mental well being. Imagine what type of contribution you can make to everyone in your life if you had that “positive glow”. You could affect everybody’s life in a positive manner because of the great feeling you get from accomplishing such an intense workout. You can turn yourself into a positive machine.

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