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Elite MMA's February 2013 growth: Greenway Grand Opening

As the New Year begins, a new chapter begins for Elite MMA! We are going to be opening a new school at the Houston City Club at Greenway Plaza! In 1999 I began studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was selling software and living in San Francisco, CA. My travels brought me to live in Houston in 2002, at which point I began training at Elite MMA as a blue belt. At the beginning of 2007 I moved to Richmond, Virginia, and eventually to Nashville, TN, where I continued to train, but stayed affiliated with Elite MMA. I had been asked several times by people I trained with about becoming a black belt and I always said, I wanted to receive my black belt from Elite MMA, which I considered my home for BJJ. In 2009 I was lucky enough to be honored with the rank of Black Belt from Elite MMA.

In November, 2011, after several years of discussions with Eric and Hai, we all decided that the time was right for me to move back to Houston and make a career change to teaching martial arts. I have been training diligently to learn the processes and “way of being” that makes Elite MMA the unique and outstanding training facility that it is today. I am truly honored and blessed to have this opportunity to go out and increase the foot print of changing lives for the better through God’s principles; that has been established by all the hard work of the Elite MMA family. Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a school teacher, but I knew it would be extremely challenging with the lack of discipline that exists in our public educational system. This new school gives me the opportunity to change lives, both young and old, in a positive manner through Martial Arts in a fun and safe environment with integrity.

I have had different careers, but finally feel I am doing something I can be proud of that will make a positive impact on people’s lives. You don’t always see the big picture, but if you have faith that God has a plan for each of us you will eventually find what you’re supposed to be doing in life. Here’s to a great 2013 and continued success for everyone in the Elite MMA family. Please let me know of any friends or family you have around the Greenway Plaza area whom you feel would benefit like you have by becoming a member of the Elite MMA family.

-Spencer Scrivner

Kingwood Location

Elite MMA is really making waves in the Kingwood area. Things are going excellent with our pre-registration! The student enrollment at Kingwood is now up to 40! This week we were excited to see our ELITE MMA exterior sign installed above the school. During the enrollment process my vision for the Elite MMA Kingwood has become even more vivid. With my wife and kids being involved in classes, I want to make sure I register students that will contribute to our community and be a positive influence to our younger martial artists.

Baytown Location

Big things are happening at the Baytown school. The Kardio Kick Boxing program is blowing up with an average of 25 students in class every day. By combining elements of kickboxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning we are striving to do our absolute best to provide a fun safe environment to help each student reach their 2013 weight loss goals.

Are you looking for a program to push, pull, and empower yourself? Are you looking to be the next Pan Am champion or just want to train at a higher level? Starting February 2013 the competition program will meet Mondays and Wednesdays for kids, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays for adults! This program gives its participants the skills to improve and the motivation to fuel their desire to become the best. Get registered and be ready for greatness!

We will also be hosting a belt graduation the 23rd of February so be on the lookout for the graduation list and make sure you sign up to take part in this awesome event.

Upcoming Belt Test Dates

Houston - February 16th
Kids: 11am - 1pm
Adults: 1pm - 3pm

Baytown - February 23rd
Kids: 11am - 1pm
Adults: 1pm - 3pm

Respect Badge Recipients

Finished 1st Booklet
Josh E., Michael P.

Finished 2nd Booklet
Finn E.

It wasn’t that hard, it was like changing.
—Josh E.

I liked having it around because it makes me feel like a really good person.
—Michael P.

Welcome New & Returning Students

Marquis F., Jesus A., Andrew W., Jose S., Howard E., Omar A., Liana D., Nick C., Roman A., Daniel G., Yessenia S., David F., Joe A., Edward N., Phil T., Roberto B., Regina L., Brian R., Moe Z., Robert M., Marisa F., Omar H., Theresa O., Mike M., Candy M., Maurine M., Diana R., Jorge M., Matthew V., Austin J., Tabitha W., Jamie A.

Thank you for the referrals!
Mike K., Ana A., Amber W., Josh R., Lalisha V., Roberto B., Hong W., Ashley N., Mike N., Daniel G.

Success Story: David Campbell

Weight has been a battle for most of my 36 years. Growing up as a kid I was always bigger. I guess the term people used was “husky”. When you grow up over weight you only really remember the negative things people say, do, or things that happen. When I was 10 my parents decided to have me play little league baseball. My dad wanted me to improve my hand-eye coordination. Three things stood out to me for my first year playing baseball. The highlight for me playing baseball was my parents never missed a game or practice. The most embarrassing thing I remember my first year playing was tripping as I ran to first base on my first at bat of the first game. My father passed away when I was 12, but my mom made sure she never missed any of my baseball games.

Middle school was pretty brutal and was probably the worst for me. I got picked on by groups of people and even got beat up in front of a family friend who was picking me up from school one afternoon. I had an older kid threaten to steal a pair of shoes my mom just bought me so I avoided him at all cost. I wanted to play football and the coach wanted me to play because I was a big kid, but my mom didn’t let me play because she thought I was going to get hurt. In middle school I didn’t feel like I really fit in at all.

High school was more fun and I started to meet more people, but dating was tough for me. I really lacked a lot of confidence in myself. I remember I was taking to a classmate when I was in the 10th grade and I mentioned to her a girl she knew. I wanted to know if she was interested in me and her response was she thinks you have a cute face, but you’re too fat. That is something that has always stuck with me. In all my high school years I only dated one person.

When I graduated high school I was working retail and made a lot of bad choices when it came to eating. Instead of eating chicken, veggies, and water I ate burgers, fries, and Dr. Pepper. Many of my meals were eaten after 9 pm at night as well. I grew up with Hai Nguyen and I knew he did martial arts. He had always wanted me to be active and be healthier but I didn’t believe in myself and didn’t have the willpower to make better choices. At 24 years old my bad choices led to me weighing 276 pounds, having a 48 inch waist, and 3 XL shirts. That was on the outside...on the inside my confidence was extremely low and I just ate to make myself feel better.

In February of 2001 I remember it was Tuesday afternoon and I was off work. My mom’s boyfriend had this old-school stationary bike so I decided to get on the bike and I lasted 20 minutes without stopping. For me that was like winning the Olympics. The reason I decided to start working out was I had just broken up with someone I really loved and I was depressed. I realized I can continue to eat bad and drink or I can do something healthy for myself. The next day I got back on the bike and I only last 10 minutes. I realized I was in bad shape and I wouldn’t quit and after 2 months, I ended up getting up to an hour on the bike.

My next step in my transformation was cutting out fast food. I decided to start to walking 3 miles at Memorial Park and I finally decided to run ½ mile. No matter how brutal it was I wouldn’t quit. After awhile I went from walking 2.5 miles and running ½ mile to running 3 miles. It was the greatest feeling in the world. As the weight came off my confidence and self discipline in myself grew. At 26 years old I defeated the one thing that had kicked my butt my whole life. I went from 276 pounds to 200 pounds. It was the greatest feeling in the world that I took on my weight and changed my life. I realized that it was a 2 part transformation. The physical was losing 76 pounds, wearing an XL size shirt, and a 36 inch pants. The mental was having the confidence in myself, not looking at myself as an overweight person, and having the discipline not to quit.

At the time I was selling cars and knew I wanted to make a change. I wanted to become a trainer and be able to change people’s lives. I had the opportunity to become a trainer and I let fear control me. I was scared to make a change. Then around 2006 I started to reducing the amount I worked out and was not pay attention to my health. The weight started to come back on and my lifestyle was horrible; I was making a lot of bad choices. Then in May of 2008 my opportunity to work in the health and fitness industry came true. Eric Williams came and bought a truck from me. He said” I need to go back to work, we are busy” A light clicked in my head and I spoke with Hai Nguyen and told him I want to work at Elite. I didn’t care about money; all I wanted to do was be in an environment that made me happy.

When I started working at Elite in May of 2008, Hai suggested I start taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Funny thing is how I had joined Elite to take BJJ classes about 4 years before. I think I attended one class and quit. My first experience this time was extremely scary because I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t in shape to do class. The first guy I trained with was Anthony Baker and the guy was super cool. I remember my first 3 months of training I only attended one class per week. As I took more classes my confidence grew, got to know some cool people, and decided to train more.

I remember getting on the scale in July of 2008 and I weighed 238 pounds. In 2009 I lost 10 pounds and in 2010 I decided to make a body transformation thru a contest that supports child obesity. I had entered the contest in 2009 and quit after 1 week. This time I decided in my mind I wouldn’t quit. I also believed if I’m asking people to make a change I needed to lead by example. My goal wasn’t to win the contest but to make a transformation in my body and not to give up. After 15 weeks I lost 22 pounds. Moving forward to 2013 I have kept my weight steady and enjoying life.

Elite MMA has given me the chance to transform people’s lives both on and off the mat. They have trusted me to become a coach and to lead people. In martial arts, my first goal was to earn a blue belt, which happened in March of 2010, and in December 2012 I earned my purple belt. I want to thank everyone who supported me to be healthy, have confidence in myself, and to get out of my comfort zone. I am thankful to be part of Elite MMA and pay it forward.

Building Meals to Promote Recovery

Many have heard the expression" we are what we eat." This statement is very true when you look at how it relates to working out. People who train breakdown muscle tissue and damage cell membranes resulting in soreness and inflammation. If not addressed, these conditions can lead to limited muscle gain, increased pain, injury and ultimately poor performance. To repair this damage, the body must have the materials necessary to recover properly and build lean mass. This is where nutrition plays a vital roles. Eating the correct mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats at the appropriate times, along with effective training and recovery, will guarantee the desired results.

Here are 3 steps to building a great meal to speed up exercise recovery and pro- mote great health:

Step 1- Anti Inflammatory, Anti oxidants, Immune Boosters

  • Water
  • Tart Cherries
  • Blueberries
  • Walnuts
  • Flax seed

Step 2- Fill the Gas tank

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Wild Rice
  • Steel cut oats

Step 3- Choose a lean protein

  • Salmon
  • Black beans
  • Chicken/Turkey Breast (Free Range)
  • Egg Whites
  • Natural Peanut butter

Lose a dress or pant size in 21 days

Ask us about our new personal training and nutrition programs.

For more informations, visit John or David to schedule a free consultation ($90 value).

How-To Elbow/Hip Escape

This movement is called a Hip Escape, Elbow Escape or Shrimp movement. Three differ- ent names for the same movement. The intention of this move is to make space from your opponent. You can utilize this from any bottom position, be it bottom mount, bottom side mount or bottom guard positions. It is a fundamental, key movement in BJJ. It's essential to know this in order to have a successful bottom game in BJJ.

1. Start on your back with both shoulders flat on the mat. Keep your elbows tight to your ribs and your hands up by your chin. This is a strong defensive position. Have both feet flat on the mat, close to your rear.

2. Lift your hips up off the ground, by pushing both feet flat down on the mat, to make some space under- neath your hips. Keep your elbows tight to your sides and keep your hands up by your chin.

3. Turn completely on your side so that you have one shoulder on the mat and one shoulder off the mat. Take the leg that is on the mat and slide it back under the other leg that is still in contact with the mat. This will make it harder for your opponent to control the bottom leg. Notice how the foot that is in contact with the mat is now at a 90 degree angle from where it started. This sets up the next part of the move so that you can move your body to make the required space to complet the move. Notice the elbows are still tight to the sides and the hands are still up by the face for protection.

4. Complete the move by pushing hard off the foot that is connected to the mat. You want to extend that leg fully and push hard enough that the foot you are pushing off of will actually slide along the mat. Generally, the further you move, the better because you are making more space. Space is good when you are defending, but not when you are attacking.

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