Family Training with the Brusatori Trio

This family trio began training at Elite MMA in 2017 with the oldest followed by the younger two after they watched their brother in classes.  All three are very energetic, and Elite MMA has provided a safe and constructive way to learn a life-long skill, exercise, and have fun.  In addition to  very well organized instruction, the kids love training games such as “Bacon” and “Jiu-Jitsu Ball”  They are very proud to earn belts that show progress in their training. 

The highlight of Elite MMA is the excellence of the instructors.  The children like and respect the approachable coaches, because they provide strong, steady role models that kids can always depend on for fairness, safety and mentorship.  In addition to the friendly coaches, fun and making new friends, the kids are learning important self defense skills that can help protect themselves if ever needed in the future.

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