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Class Schedule
Houston Greenway/Galleria Baytown
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[ 11, KKB, Sat, 10:00:00, 45, Houston, John Alfeche ]
[ 18, KKB, MW, 17:45:00, 45, Houston, John Alfeche, Trevin Giles, David Cruz, Hai Nguyen ]
[ 25, KKB, TTHF, 18:00:00, 45, Houston, John Alfeche, Trevin Giles, David Cruz, Hai Nguyen ]
[ 21, KKB, MW, 19:30:00, 60, Houston, David Cruz, Trevin Giles ]
5:45 p | 45min
7:30 p | 60min
6:00 p | 45min
5:45 p | 45min
7:30 p | 60min
6:00 p | 45min
6:00 p | 45min
10:00 a | 45min
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What should I bring?
Wear comfortable exercise attire; you will receive your kimono (also called a gi) at your first lesson. This is included in your registration fee.Wear comfortable exercise attire. Don't have martial arts equipment at home? Don't worry, we will provide this for you at your first session.
Please bring a towel, water bottle and a great attitude!

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

The purpose of our cardio kickboxing class is to complete an intense workout in 45 minutes. To get started at one of our Houston-area schools, schedule a free private lesson today!

In addition to an intense cardio workout, you also learn how to coordinate your mind and body with a group of driven individuals. The best part is that you will learn the techniques of American Kickboxing, Thai-Kickboxing, and Boxing from top instructors.

You will learn the proper body mechanics to throw punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. Cardio Kickboxing blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried and true techniques of personal self-defense and Muay Thai. Cardio Kickboxing is different from any other workout you have ever experienced. It is the most cutting-edge, body-shaping fitness system available. We understand that most of our clients are not training for kickboxing matches. Most just want to have fun and get in shape. Our energized instructors will motivate you as they watch you push yourself toward a leaner and stronger body. The many benefits of Cardio Kickboxing includes fat loss, muscle toning, increased flexibility, better circulation, and most of all stress relief.

Have you ever wanted to do 300 or more abs in 6 minutes? Get in shape and while learning martial arts. Scheule your free trial session today at one of four school locations: Houston, Greenway/Galleria, Baytown or Kingwood. We will provide martial arts equipment at your first session, but please bring a towel, water bottle and a great attitude!


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