7 Reasons To Give Your Employees Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training

Employers in Houston are constantly searching for new ways to promote employee fitness. If wellness programs are done correctly, the benefits can be tremendous, helping employees be happier, healthier, and more productive. Depending on the setup of the program, they may socialize more with one another and work more effectively together during business hours.

If you haven’t made martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu a part of your program, here are seven reasons to do so.

1. Provide an Easy Avenue for Stress Relief

brazilian jiu-jitsu provide avenue for stress relief

Stress takes its toll on employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health. Work with a jiu-jitsu Houston provider such as Elite MMA to give your employees easy access to various classes.

The classes can be discounted or free, but we recommend the ‘free’ option for your employees. This can be a powerful motivator and pays for itself quickly. Employees need ways to burn off stress, and if you can provide that for your employees at no cost to them, even better!

2. Offer Practical Benefits

Folks are more inclined to work out when there are practical benefits. With martial arts such as jiu-jitsu, your employees learn self-defense. Additionally, jiu-jitsu is peaceful, emphasizing technique over force. Depending on the culture of your workplace, you could even market the practical self-defense benefits more than the fitness benefits.

3. Mix Up the Exercise Routine

Here at Elite MMA, we offer much more than Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We offer other classes, including mixed martial arts, kickboxing, self-defense, boxing, weight loss, and conditioning. We have both beginner and advanced classes to match anyone’s skill level.

employees need jiu-jitsu

Jiu-jitsu burns about 470 to 670 calories an hour. It’s a fun, practical way to get fit. Now, it’s a bit unorthodox to see your employees tackle one another on the ground than seeing them in the office with their regular tasks. (Brazilian jiu-jitsu takes the grappling element of Japanese jiu-jitsu and focuses on it.) However, the emphasis is on technique, not force, similar to chess. Employees must think their way through a situation. During discussions afterward, they can learn about better ways to counter.

Employees that hesitate the thought of rolling around on the floor with a co-worker don’t need to worry. They can attend one of the other class types that we offer if they are not comfortable enough for this exercise.

4. Promote Employee Bonding

Grappling on the floor is a unique way for employees to bond, but it works for many companies! If this class doesn’t suit your company though, no problem. Your employees can attend any type of class to form a strong sense of community. In no time, the team will uplift one another to new levels of success.

5. Reap the Benefits of Happier, Healthier Employees

Employees who attend martial arts classes move their bodies and get their mental juices flowing. They develop more self-confidence and are happier and more productive.

6. Enjoy the Proven Track Record

mma classes proven track recordOther companies have tried martial arts and experienced resounding success. Two examples are Google and LinkedIn. Both employers, more than some other companies, emphasize teamwork. They’ve turned to martial arts classes to enhance employees’ social functioning and camaraderie.

Bottom line: Martial arts classes are proven to work. They help create better teams and more productive employees. You could give your employees gym membership discounts and nothing else, but these discounts won’t work to achieve your goals. This can also save your time searching for employee wellness programs and start completely from scratch. Martial arts’ offer is a proven starting point.

7. Take Advantage of a Cool Marketing and Recruiting Tool

Employees like companies that care about them, and martial arts classes are a powerful recruiting tool. They position your company as self-aware, caring, and up-to-date. Discounted gym memberships are a common tool for businesses recruiting employees. You can provide that too (more choices for everyone), but you become unique and memorable with offerings like jiu-jitsu.

Get in Touch for Jiu-Jitsu Sessions and Other Types of Classes

We understand if you’re not sold yet on the benefits of martial arts. Get in touch with us today and get a complimentary class for you. We have several locations throughout the area and recommend that you choose the site closest to your workplace. We can also discuss how to incorporate our offerings into your employee wellness/fitness programs.

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