5 Things Every Parent In Kingwood Should Know Before Enrolling Their Child in Jiu-Jitsu

As a parent, you want to be confident your child is safe and protected at all times, and jiu-jitsu can provide that security. However, mastery of martial arts doesn’t happen overnight. Your child must commit to weekly lessons and jiu-jitsu gym rules. As their parent, you will need to be supportive and present as well.

While parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend their child’s lessons, it is necessary to understand the ground rules. Too many parents get carried away and end up distracting students or restricting progress during their experience. To help you become a productive parent of a martial arts student, understand and follow the five rules below.

1. Progression and Promotion

child's progress and promotion in brazilian jiu jitsuBrazilian jiu-jitsu is not the same as other martial art forms when it comes to progress and promotion. Your child may have friends in karate that receive different color belts routinely while they haven’t been promoted at all.

Jiu-jitsu, especially at such a young age, is more than just technique; it’s about developing the appropriate mental clarity and respect for the sport. While younger students might receive stripes to help motivate them in the beginning, progress and promotion will be more challenging to obtain as they get older.

Additionally, sometimes promotion is used as a learning tool. For example, if a younger student throws tantrums because of the advancement of others, instructors might restrict that child’s stripes to times when they demonstrate support and enthusiasm for others.

2. Coaching and Parenting

Understand that there is a difference between coaching and parenting. While most instructors understand the urge to cheer from the sidelines and offer encouragement, please limit these interruptions. Praising your child is a positive thing to do, but if it happens during a lesson, then it can distract others.

Also, try to refrain from offering advice about techniques. If you are not a trained jiu-jitsu athlete, then your opinion might be incorrect, which can result in injuries. Let the instructors handle the teaching and practice of techniques. It is in the interest of safety that this rule is stressed.

3. Sports and Other Activities

Know that while finding a class for jiu-jitsu Houston is beneficial, it doesn’t need to be your child’s only focus. Children should be encouraged to experience all the activities of the world. Let them play sports or learn a musical instrument. Childhood is a time to explore and discover your passions, so allow your child to explore.

It’s well known that self-defense and martial arts are essential for the development of a well-minded individual, but not every child will find it interesting. Help your child choose the right class for them with the proper jiu-jitsu gym rules and make sure they feel comfortable with others, too.

4. Illness and Practice

A common issue that jiu-jitsu instructors often face is when students show up sick to practice. While wanting your child to take their commitments seriously is admirable, it’s not best for them to practice when ill. Also, sending your child to practice when they are sick puts everyone else in the class at risk. Instead, let your child recoup at home and send them to class when they are healthy and better able to function in class.

5. Mentorship and Sportsmanship

kingwood jiu jitsu instructor is mentor for your child A Kingwood jiu-jitsu instructor is more than a teacher; they are a mentor. It is a mentor’s job to instill not only proper technique in your child but also good sportsmanship.

Through the lessons and commitment to the practice of martial arts, your child will learn to approach life courageously and confidently. They will build confidence and friendships that will last them for many years.

However, it is necessary to understand that not every child progresses at the same rate. Be supportive, and don’t base your child’s success on other children in the class. They are each individual, and that is always something to be proud of.

Jiu-jitsu is an excellent sport for people of all ages, especially children. Your child will learn respect, boundaries, good sportsmanship, and confidence, along with a proven self-defense system. If you are interested in signing your child up for lessons, review the parental jiu-jitsu gym rules above and contact Elite MMA in Kingwood, Texas.

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5 Things Every Parent In Kingwood Should Know Before Enrolling Their Child in Jiu-Jitsu | Elite MMA – Kingwood, TX

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