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The purpose of Girls in Gis is to create a community of girls and women who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, providing a fun, friendly environment for training. Because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is based on leverage and technique it is designed perfectly for women who are smaller than their opponent. But the number of women who train BJJ is still very small compared to the number of men that train.

Most schools still only have a handful of women that train consistently which limits the number of women training partners we have. 

One of the main reasons women never set foot in a jiu-jitsu class is intimidation. They are intimidated by a class full of sweaty men and don't know how they will be received. That's what makes Girls in Gis perfect for new women wanting to become involved in the sport. It's a friendly environment with great instructors that encourages women to succeed in BJJ. No sweaty men. No "macho guys" who think women shouldn't be in a man's class. No intimidation. So tell your friends that have always wanted to try BJJ but were too scared that this is the perfect place for them to learn.

Girls In Gis

Some women will try out a jiu-jitsu class, but never stick it out. I think the first 6 months in BJJ is the most difficult to get through for women and men alike. You are learning the techniques, but have a hard time pulling it off and it often gets you into undesirable positions which can make for the longest 5 minutes in your life. By training with other women you can work on those techniques without so much fear and worry. Heck you may even be able to pull off a new sweep.

Now for the very few of us that tried our first class, somehow stuck it out training with the guys and have come to love this sport Girls in GIs was made for you. Girls roll different. Girls move different. Girls are not guys. No matter how many guys you can train with you never really know what you've got until you've trained with someone your equal.

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